About Sandypoints

Sandy Engle has been breeding Old-Style Siamese for over 40 years!  Without her passion & dedication to the breed, many of us would not have the pleasure of sharing our life with this special feline.  Sandypoints Cattery is located in Pennsylvania’s beautiful countryside about a 45 min drive from the Philadelphia airport.

I originally contacted Sandy through my own search for a good quality Old-Style Siamese cat.  My youngest sister also wanted one and so we both ended up on Sandy’s kitten list and waited patiently for our kittens.  On 13 August 2015, Lady Helena gave birth to six kittens of which two females would eventually be reserved for me and my sister.  My husband and I flew out to Pennsylvania to pick up the kittens.  We got to get to know Sandy, Kurt, and the cats of Sandypoints; our entire experience was very positive and insightful.  Sandy loves all of her cats and cares for them deeply; their health and happiness is of utmost importance to her.  It was really sweet to see the love and delight in her eyes when a litter of kittens has her attention.

After about a year, Sandy convinced me to seriously consider breeding Old-Style Siamese; an endeavor that had never crossed my mind before.  However, our family became smitten with both Hatsumomo (Momo) and Princess Mononoke (Noke) and it became obvious to me that Sandypoints Siamese are special cats.  Fast foward to 2017 with Sandy being my unwavering mentor, I bred my first successful litter, placed the kittens in great homes, and experienced first-hand all the joy and heartache that comes with being a breeder.  Not surprisingly, I work closely with Sandy to this day and am thankful to her for everything she does and continues to do.